Join Dr. Lan for fun and enriched Math classes!



Math Educator, Geffen Academy at UCLA ;

Competition Coach, Los Angeles Math Circle ;

Advisor, Agoura Math Circle

Since 2011, Dr. Lan has engaged in classroom and online teaching with students from 5th to 12th grade on accelerated math curriculum, SAT math exam preparation, and math competition preparation for Math Counts, AMC 8/10/12, AIME, USAMO, and CHMMC. Dr. Lan has Master's and Ph.D. in Math from UCLA and a double B.S. in Math and Physics from Peking University.


Dr. Lan offers many classes (both online and in-person) 蓝博士数学课程包括:

·        One-on-One (一对一授课):

National/International Math Competition Level: $150/hour


State/City Math Competition Level: $120/hour


Lower Level: $100/hour


·        One-on-Two (一对二授课):

25% discount each student  (每学生可享受25%折扣)

·        One-on-Three to One-on-Five (一对三或一对五授课):

50% discount each student  (每学生可享受50%折扣)

·        Weekly Open Class (每周大课:美国6-8年级,中国4-8年级)

$100/year or 598/year36课时,中国学生另加12节助教课)

* Bitcoin accepted for students who can describe a bitcoin encryption algorithm.


For more details and for course registration, please contact: