How it works

Use WeChat and Tencent Class Features 充分利用微信和腾讯课堂的工具。

Use math comics and visual aids 充分利用音像和数学漫画。

Use sports data, stocks data, and usage of math in other academic subjects 利用体育、股市中的数学,和理化生天地文中的数学。

The course is broadcasted through the WeChat and Tencent Class platform. The course consists of 3 hour math classes per month by Dr. Lan and 1 review class by Penny. 每月三次蓝博士教课,一次Penny复习英语数学,每次一小时。

Frequent interactions in class with 3 to 5 students. 课上与三、五个学生进行密切互动。

Dr. Lan speaks 5 minutes Chinese at the beginning of the class targeting students and parents, followed by 50 minutes instructions in English, and final 5 minutes in Chinese for conclusion. 蓝博士每堂课头5分钟讲中文,帮助学生和家长了解课程进程。后50分钟全英文教学。最后5分钟用中文作总结。