Who are we?

USA Math is a series of mathematics classes taught by Dr. Sikun Lan.

The classes will cover topics from middle school to early high school math, including pre-algebra, geometry, and algebra 1. Many problems will be from math competitions, designed to challenge students to think differently about problem solving, minimizing reliance on rote memorization of formulas and endless practice exercises.

Most importantly, students should learn that math is fun! Math is not only useful in every career field and in daily life; it can be elegant and beautiful if understood properly.


这些课程将涵盖从中学到初中数学的课程,包括预代数,几何和代数.许多问题将来自数学竞赛,旨在挑战学生对解决问题的不同思考,减少对死记硬背的依赖 公式和无尽的练习。